Lucía López Fernández

Originally from Madrid and currently living in the city of Ceuta. She studied a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, and a master’s degree in International Cooperation for Development; after a year looking for a job in Madrid and taking international scholarships, she decided to try her luck in Ceuta, driven and motivated both by the close reality of the Southern Border, and to experience the cultural diversity that the city has to offer.
Thus, she arrived in Ceuta last year 2021 and immediately got to know the Elín Association; since then she has been part of this great family, from whom she has not stopped learning, exchanging, meeting people and living truly unique experiences.
During her stay in Ceuta she has continued her training, taking a course on African Migrations and learning languages. She has been part of the GRIGRI Project “A first aid kit for Ceuta” with the Elín family, as well as other groups and associations in the city. She currently works at the Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation, carrying out a project of prevention and care for victims of racist, xenophobic hate crimes and other types of associated intolerance.