María García García

Born and raised in Asturias (1998), and proud to be from there, she loves animals and nature, committed to environmental conservation and animal equality.

Since she was a child, she has been interested in all branches of art, both plastic arts, dance, photography, etc. She studied at the School of Art in Oviedo and in 2016 she moved to Madrid to study the Degree in Integral Design and Image Management at the URJC, where she developed personally and learned notions of graphic design, packaging, advertising, product design, interior design, ephemeral architecture, brand management and audiovisual.

She is interested in developing in the audiovisual environment, a film buff and reading addict, her dream is to work in film, or perhaps find a way where she can apply her knowledge of design to the world of film.

She loves learning and meeting new people and places, so GRIGRI seems to her the perfect place to find not only interesting and good people, but also a space for creative and inspiring development to make ingenious projects for everyone.

In 2019 she participated in the “Trajectory Maps” Workshop where she got to know more about the people and activities involved, and in 2021 she has started her university internship at Grigri Projects as a graphic designer for different collaborative projects.