Trained as a social worker and educator. Her desire to learn about the reality of the border and defend human rights led her, in 2014, to move to Ceuta after finishing her studies. She has lived there for 7 years and has been a member of the Elin Association. During those years, she has been involved in the dignified and equal reception of all people in transit to Europe, she has been a Spanish teacher, a facilitator of awareness-raising activities at the University and high schools and has been part of the organisation of actions to denounce human rights violations at the Southern Border. She believes that the experiences lived in Ceuta and specifically in Elin, are experiences based on human values that generate a very special OASIS, which promotes and rebuilds the dignity of people who have been traversed by European migration policies. A place to learn to be resilient, to be enriched by different cultures, to learn about interculturality and to fight for the rights of migrants to be recognised.

She currently lives in Bilbao, but continues to be linked to the reality of the border, accompanying people who are still in transit, raising awareness about the reality of migration in Ceuta and creating spaces where the values and experiences she has had in Elin are present. She is also part of the team that manages the Association’s social networks.