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Our proposals are developed through collaborative methodologies and experimental and open creative processes, which are always situated and in constant dialogue with the context.

Our projects, such as Cocinar Madrid, Grigri Pixel, Haciendo Plaza or El Templete Fantástico, open up to the unforeseen and the invisible dimension that arises when we work from emotional bonds and shared experiences as a source of knowledge.

These projects try to deal with, specifically and with all its power, from interdependence, “the problem of living together” (Marina Garcés, 2016).

Each project, whether from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Beirut or Dakar, is an attempt to interpellate the common in order to reconnect it with the singularity of experiences that cross our living spaces and thus generate other possible, more just and egalitarian worlds.

Create and produce situated cultural content

  • Design and content development.
  • Production and management of cultural events.
  • Training, mentoring and organization of meetings, courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Follow-up of calls and writing and development of projects.

Facilitate processes of urban intervention and social innovation

  • Conceptualization, coordination and facilitation of socio-community processes and urban intervention.
  • Coordination, management, accompaniment and dynamization of teams.
  • Mediation with publics, institutions and between local and international agents.
  • Needs assessment and design of participatory social and cultural interventions.
  • Facilitation and promotion of participatory processes aimed at the social and material intervention of local ecosystems.
  • Design and facilitation of collaborative processes for citizen social innovation.

Promote social communication and participatory design

  • Design of communication strategies, device production and content development.
  • Coordination and development of participatory and user design projects.
  • Prototyping processes and conceptual materialization.
  • Graphic design and layout services.

Promote transdisciplinary applied research

  • Advice and consulting to organizations, groups and institutions.
  • Participatory Action-Research and community process research.
  • Applied and transdisciplinary social and cultural research.
  • Art and Design practice based research.

Capturing the essence of the message in images

  • Development of communication strategies, production and elaboration of contents.
  • Coordination and development of graphic communication projects.
  • Visual identity and branding.
  • Graphic and editorial design services, packaging design.
  • Illustration.
  • Layout and final arts.